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Maruti Recurring Deposit Scheme (R.D.)

Recurring deposit is a type of deposit wherein the depositor pays an agreed fixed amount of money into his/her account every month over a stipulated period. On the expiry of the period, the installments depo....

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Daily Deposit Scheme

Even the smallest savings count on a rainy day. Daily Deposit Scheme is a popular product which works on the same philosophy. With as low as ₹ 10 per day, you can save enough money through DD scheme along....

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Maruti Fixed Deposit Scheme (F.D.)

Fixed Deposit is available with various tenures which the members can choose as per their requirement. Short-term fixed deposits are also available that allow you to invest your savings for short tenure such a....

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Maruti Monthly Income Plan (M.I.S.)

Moneys invested under this plan provide fixed monthly income by way of interest to the depositor for a specified period leaving the amount intact. The scheme will specially appeal to retired people who earn ....

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Savings Account with higher Interest Rate

Maruti Society offering high interest rate saving account with to the customers with muliple use of this saving account such as commision transfer, maturity transfer etc.

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Maruti Double Scheme

Maruti Society offering a scheme to double in your amount in just only 69 Month. This is very good and running scheme of Maruti society.

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